Peter Sanghara

Essex Clothing

Essex clothing was a two member group project I was a part of. The idea of the site was to create a potential e-commerce marketplace. To create the site we utilized HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript and GitHub. The process started from brainstorming possible businesses to wireframes in XD and from there mockups in photoshop. The website was created over the course of two weeks...

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Penscript on 6th

Penscript on 6th was a client project I took on with a team consisting of 3 other students and myself. Penscript is a business local to Metro Vancouver specializing in caligraphy. In the beginning we started with a basic outline for what our client wanted for the site. We gathered some more ideas before our first meeting where we soldified the core of what she wanted the site to be. We created wireframes alongside the client, mapping out the entire site...

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For my portfolio I wanted to showcase the highlights of the BCIT TWD program.When planning the site I wanted to have a clean design with some JS features. I layed out the site so that the user would have a easy time accessing all of my projects while experiencing some neat animations. The total time for completion for the site was around two weeks although planning for the site had gone over a period of two months...

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